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Here is my space to share with you recipes I've experimented with and enjoyed!  If you've read my blog you'll know I love my food and that it features frequently in my posts - and indeed is a very important part of my family life.  I've always loved to cook and did, lots, at home as a child and introducing my children to the world of wonders that is food is both very important and very enjoyable.  They love baking - and come running at the sound of the food mixer....licking out the bowl is a very serious pastime here!

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I have an extensive collection of cookery books - am a closet collector I suppose, though I rarely actually use a recipe to cook from more see them as a general guide or source of inspiration.  Given the chance, just to sit and browse through an old cookery book - such as Elizabeth David gives a real glimpse into the social history of the time and conjures up vivid images of family life and the food rituals involved.  I am fortunate enough to have my Grandmother and Great Grandmother's hand written cookery books.  I do intend on transcribing and testing the recipes therein.  I too have a handwritten book which I add odd recipes to which will hopefully give joy to my family in the future.

I also have a bit of a thing for kitchen paraphernalia - be it baking dishes, biscuit cutters or gadgets....Indeed I need a bigger kitchen as I'm forever overspilling the available space!

This is a cutter in the shape of the Zollverein - which is an iconic shape from Essen where we live.  The UNESCO World Heritage site is a preservation of some of the industrial heritage from this area.  More can be read about it here

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  1. I love the cookie cutter! If you ever want to share a little bit about Essen I would love to include it on my site here