Wine features frequently in my Blog - I am a lover of all things oenological (ooo look posh word for wine stuff!!) and I like to share my love of wine with family, friends and more.  I have been trying to pass on my recommendations through my 'wine of the month' posts and hope to be able to share as many good finds as possible - and look forward to hearing some of your favourites too!

Of late we seem to be going back to the 'Old World' in terms of wine - we have discovered a super online supplier of Spanish Wine they have a really good selection covering all price ranges, and do plenty of special offers too!  We've also been trying more French wine too - and as is usually the case with old world wines, you do need to pair them with food to appreciate them more.  But we've had some very nice Muscadet and Corbieres recently.

If you're a regular reader of this Blog, you'll know I try and give a recommendation each month of something new to try - here are the links to the past recommendations:

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So - watch this space for more on wine - or indeed any other posts in which I might have been side-tracked by the grape again!

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