Wednesday, 23 May 2012

The innocence of a missing apostrophe!

When I returned to blogging at the beginning of May I noticed on my stats (not that I'm a complete reader junkie) that I had a comparatively large number of hits in Russia - this seemed a bit odd given that I blog about mundane mummyness in Germany.

Now it did strike me that there was probably a 'valid' reason for this eastern interest, indeed you may have noticed it yourself - I certainly have and it has caused amusement amongst my friends.

My innocently titled blog "Emma's Expat Adventures" translates in a url to "Emmasexpatadventures"  which, I noticed after I'd started blogging - and have had pointed out to me - reads more easily as "Emma sexpat adventures"!!

Now I'm not sure whether I'd qualify as a 'sexpat' if indeed I knew what one was!!  Well, of course, that mine of information that is Google has provided the answer - a sexpat is an expat who goes abroad with the prime intention of securing sex.  Now it all falls into place - why I was so popular with the Russians!

So am I indeed as self titled a 'sexpat' well sorry to disappoint but not really - three small children and a busy husband do not make it easy to be out on the look out the whole time.....

The question then needs to be asked - should I rename the blog?  Well you know what I'm not going to - I may have the dubious nickname amongst friends of 'sexpat' but so what a little bit of laughter and lighthearted joshing go a long way to keeping morale up.....

Now if only I could have my apostrophe in the url - I'd be home and dry - but it wouldn't be half as much fun!


  1. this needs a "like" button!

  2. Ha! Brilliant. Glad you're keeping it. Will make life and blogging more interesting.

  3. Unfortunate URL choice... but it made me laugh :-D