Friday, 11 February 2011

On the Blogging Bandwagon......Eventually

So another one of those "Expat Mums" who thinks she's got something to say joins the blogging world... well only time will tell if the ups and downs of life abroad are worth sharing or not  anyhow - lets geht los!

This is me in a typical pose - glass in hand - so you can safely assume there'll be lots of wine chat on here - and food too! Liebe Essen - that's me - more about the food than the place, but it, too, is surprisingly good for "the Black Country" of Germany.

Due to the wine and food, there'll be a fair bit of me bimbling on about the ups and downs of my diet - on the Weighwatchers at the mo but not very successfully - ho hum!  Still 8kg down on last year hurrah!

Oh and of course, how could I forget - The Kindling - the three terrors who take up most of my time and attention - you'll get to meet them as I progress on my journey and share in the fun of being a slummy mummy overseas!


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