Friday, 31 August 2012

It's oh so quiet.....

Birthdays, baking and back to school - here we are back in the school routine (at last - it's been a very long holiday) and all the associated ups and downs that brings.

Birthday boy G (8 today) has started his new school following the bankruptcy / closure / uncertainties of the last term at his previous one.  We're on day 2 and all seems to be going well so far - he's particularly enamoured with the canteen and his new uniform - so far so good (wait until he loses his payment card for lunch then it'll be a whole new ballgame!)  But he seems content to go and was so very excited yesterday about the first day back - as he's been on holiday since the end of June, I think and he recognises that he needs the routine and structure a school day brings - and I need to get him off the computer on which he seems to have spent most of the summer ensconsed in a darkened room. And only just 8 - you'd have thought he was a teenager with that sort of activity......

Kindergarten started back almost a month ago so H has been happily tootling along every morning for a while now - he's now a Lowenkind - which is the pre-school year.  He's already 5 and so would be going into year 1 in the UK, but still gets to play for another year here - quite how we'll transition him over to the International System next year I'm not quite sure, but I need to get cracking on that to make sure he's as prepared as he can be - they don't 'teach' anything in Kindergarten here so I think it's going to be 'School of Mummy' at home for the foreseeable future.

L started kindergarten this term - she's lucky to have secured a 2-year-old spot as there is apparently a great shortage of them in the region.  She has however taken to the change in routine remarkably well and is very much enjoying herself and finding her feet there (well I say finding her feet - more throwing her weight around and generally being very loud - that's my girl!)

So what does this mean for me?  As of yesterday I am officially home alone (in the mornings at least) - yesterday, after the school run and shopping had been done that left me with a whole 30mins to myself - so no I didn't achieve anything.  I've made quite a list of projects to be getting on with in my 'me-time' not least of which is a promise to myself (and Andy!) to get on top of the house...which has been somewhat neglected of late.  Then there's the eBay plans, the family tree to be going on with, the family recipe books to transcribe, german lessons, exercise plans, etc etc - not to mention breakfast with the girls and reading for bookgroup.  It seems I'll be even busier than before!!

So I mention baking above - well there's always something in the oven here - yesterday was After Eight cupcakes to take to school to celebrate G's birthday - and today is another suprise birthday cake - but not the Titanic sinking recreation I have been asked for......  Just a plain sponge with homemade raspberry jam, buttercream and a marshmallow fondant covering - there may well be pictures later (if I can get the camera working as we managed to break it on holiday!) but here's a cupcake to keep you going!!


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    1. They were very yummy - more have been requested for the bake sale later this week!