Friday, 23 November 2012

Wine of the Month - November 2012

It's coming up to the party season and so thoughts are turning to celebratory drink (as if we need a reason!) and I want to point you in the direction of a sparkling-wine based cocktail to try, if you've not already.

Aperol seems to be on the rise here in Germany - and Aperol Spritzers are becoming very popular.

So what is Aperol then - the new Campari?  It's an Italian bitter-orange flavoured aperitif, but who knew it also contains Gentian and Rhubarb?!   Indeed, a quick browse on the interweb tells us that Aperol is indeed owned by Campari now and the main difference between the two seems only to be the alcohol content - with Campari being twice the strength of Aperol.

Now, the Aperol Spritz, a somewhat trendy beverage for me to be indulging in, but is actually very drinkable - perhaps a little too so!!  You need a sparkling wine - I suppose seeing as it's an Italian drink, Prosecco should be called for, but any fizz will do.  Then a good splash of Aperol, and then topped off with sparkling water - and there you have it, a lovely vibrantly orange coloured aperitif, ideally suited to Christmas parties (as you can drink a fair few and still be standing.....) or to summer lazing - and we need to look forward to the long warm summer evenings as it's dark and miserable now!  Apreol spritzers will brighten any occasion!!

This being the land of the discount 'super'market, you can of course buy a variety of un-branded variations on the Aperol theme.  The real thing will set you back about 10Eur a bottle here in Germany, but of course if you're somewhat miserly (like me) you'll want to shop for a bargain.  I have to say, that the version I tried from Lidl is indeed a passable alternative - and at half the price would make a good option for a party drink!  There you have it then - Bitterol the recommendation for November....

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