Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Poptastic Parties

Saturday saw the first of the parties of the season for us here.  A fellow expat blogger (Kettwigefrau) hosted her annual 'Christmas Cocktails' do last weekend - and we trudged out through the snow to attend - wouldn't have missed it for the world.  In fact, come to think of it, the last couple of times we've attended it's been snowy....perhaps we should take heed for next year?!

It was a very convivial affair - as one would expect from some expert Party Planners - plenty to eat and drink, fabulous company, children spirited away - what more could we ask for?  It was an opportunity to catch up with the Girls from the London weekend - and yes, we're all still talking - in fact, I think for most of us last week was quite quiet and if they were anything like me, they probably felt a little adrift, missing the laughs and inane chat!!

Halloween Cake Pops courtesy of Mature Student Musings
Naturally, heading off to a party one asks one's hostess what can be done to help, what should one bring?  And so I decided on something sweet and Christmassy.  Having smuggled a Marks and Spencers Christmas Pudding through Gatwick the weekend before (only just as I'd forgotten all about it on the Saturday Sainsburys Excursion - thank goodness for Sunday Shopping and M&S!) I was all set to have a go at the current trend of cake pops.

Having seen a fabulous Halloween Number - I thought I'd try a Christmas take - and do a Christmas Pudding Cake Pop!

I blitzed a 1lb Christmas pudding in the food processor and mixed it with about 250g of meted dark chocolate.  This was then moulded into ball shapes and I stuck a lolly stick in at this point, the pops were then refrigerated for a couple of hours.

Christmas Pudding Pops
Secondly, I slightly reshaped the almost set pops to be rounder (the tops had flattened in the fridge!) and then coated them in melted dark chocolate.  Once this had set, I added a drizzle of melted white chocolate and and couple of dots of red icing for that festive touch!  Apparently they were very rich, but very yummy - I don't eat Christmas pud (anything with dried fruit in is a waste of good grapes in my book....but that's another story) but have it on good authority that they were a hit - needless to say they didn't last long!!

Back to the party - Hugo's all around ( a mix of Prosecco and elderflower cordial) and a fabulous spread and great company - what more could you ask for?  We certainly had a great time, even H(5) perked up in the end - surrounded by a gaggle of girls who couldn't?  We're very much looking forward to next year's bash!!

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  1. Thanks Emma, the xmas pud pops were delish, perfectly extravagent!
    Looking forward to the gathering this weekend, altho I think I may do more drinking and less singing!