Saturday, 6 April 2013

Wine of the Month - April 2013

Feeling rather sheepish as I write today - been very neglectful of the blog these past few weeks, life had simply got in the way!  Anyway, I will try harder...... so here we are with another wine recommendation - and a revamp of the blog. 

Spring has, I hope, finally sprung and boy has it been a long time coming - the clocks changing, a few warmer days (though it was sleeting here again today and we've still some lingering piles of snow....eek!), and lighter evenings and my thoughts turn to crisp, dry, cold whites.....
 Well, my latest recommendation is a somewhat overlooked wine in my opinion - the humble Muscadet. It hails from the Loire region of France, and in keeping with most of the whites from that area is a reliable dry, crisp, light wine - very easy drinking!I have recently stumbled across a very reasonably supermarket available Muscadet (NB do not with Muscat which produces a very sweet wine).

La Cheteau Muscadet Sevre et Maine sur Lie - to give it its full name ( Sevre et Maine is the part of the Loire Valley it hails from and sur Lie means it has been left in contact with the 'Lees' after fermentation).  It retails in Germany for about EUR4.50 a bottle (and UK readers you can get it in Asda for £6.00).

It is a very light, fruity (but not overtly so) subtle wine, which works well on its own as an aperitif, or with lighter dishes - fish, seafood - that sort of thing.  Highly gluggable and well worth a try!

Bottoms Up!

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