Monday, 18 July 2011

Wine of the month

So onwards and upwards on my blogging trail and this time we turn to wine (again!)  I think that sharing some good finds is only fair amongst friends so here's my current tip:

Fortaleza do Seival - a Tempranillo (2006) so far so good.  But here's the surprise - it comes from Brazil.  Now I was somewhat sceptical about a Brazillian wine but have to say it was very good, and when given that it is less than EUR10 a bottle has to be said it is very good value for money too!

As you'd expect from a Tempranillo, it's a good robust wine yet fruity too and not overly tannin-y. It would be ideal for matching with grilled meat in the summer - but would be lovely and warming with a hearty stew in the winter. 

Go - give it a try but leave some for me!!

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