Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Wine of the Month - May 2012

So back hopefully to blogging a bit more frequently - feeling very sheepish that I've been called a Blogger by friends when I've not actually blogged in almost a year (yikes!)

Anyway - wine again is today's theme.....slowly easing myself back into the blogging habit.

Summer is (hopefully) upon us so my thoughts are turning to white wine.  I know German whites are meant to be very good - but I've not come across the right ones for me yet - so I stick with some safe bets - NZ Marlboroughs / French Muscadet etc.  So here's my tip this month - Seagull Mountain NZ Sauvignon Blanc - a classic Marlborough and in the 4-5 Euro bracket a real find - perhaps that's why there's rarely more than a bottle left in my local supermarket? - and no, it's not because I've bought them all (if only I could!)

Eminently quaffable - with or without food - and just right for the 'Grill Saison' ahead!

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  1. Who say's Customer Service is dead in Germany. I went to my local supermarket to purchase some of the above this morning as I have thirsty guests coming today. Well, they had none on the shelves and none in stock. So the very nice lady phoned a sister store and had a case delivered over for me to collect later (about 2 hours later....) how's that for service?!