Friday, 1 June 2012

Jubilee weekend celebrations

Today marks a very special day for us - 10 years since we got married!

Golden Jubilee weekend was a glorious, hot, sunny weekend following what seemed like a whole month of rain.  I'd had words with him upstairs to say I didn't mind how much it rained up to the day, but on June 1 2002 the weather had to be perfect.....and He didn't disappoint.

Friends and family had all gathered at All Saint's Church in High Wycombe to share our big day - and it was very important to us that we could share it with so many, and make our promises in front of those who matter dearly to us.

Following the service, we made our way to Old Luxter's Barn for the reception - this is situated in an English Vineyard (of course you'd expect nothing less from us!) where we partied with those gathered until the early hours.  We drank the 'house white' made on the premises and it did remind us of how good (surprisingly) English wine can be - in fact there are a couple of gems in the English wine world and I'll share them later. We ate some fantastic food - in fact the meal took up so much of the evening that we were left with little time afterwards for mingling and dancing - but those who know us best will appreciate that that's what we're about - good food and wine!

We had a couple of extra bank holidays again that year and were able to extend the celebrations to cover most of the weekend, how lucky we were!  So to today - the Diamond Jubilee weekend, and you know what another wedding in the family - let's hope that the day is as auspicious for them as it was for us.  Good luck JoJo and Tata - and here's to a very successful married life.

So back to wine..... that recurring theme of my blog!  My tip for some good English wine is here.  Chapel Down is a winery in Kent and their whites and sparkling wines are top notch.  Our favourites are the Bacchus  (white) and the Vintage Reserve Brut (sparkling).  So why not give it a go and celebrate the Jubilee with some English wine.


  1. I think Bacchus definitely is the best grape variety for still white wine in England, it produces balanced drinkable and interesting wine that is truly expressive of Englishness, it's all grass, nettle and honeysuckle, like an English hedgerow.

    For sparkling it's also worth looking out for Camel Valley in Cornwall, winning tons of awards at the moment.

  2. happy 10th, apparently the traditional gifts are aluminium or tin. I always tell Si it's diamonds...