Friday, 15 June 2012

To boldly go....

The end of term is nigh - and fortunately, school seems to have survived the term thank goodness.  we'll soon be saying our cheerios or rather our Auf Wiedersehens - though it seems most of the school are moving to the same new school next year so it won't be too much of an upheaval hopefully, as we'll see most of our friends again next term.

The long summer therefore looms ahead - G doesn't start school again until the end of August, so how am I going to fill the next two months?  Well, we've a couple of trips planned - back to family in the UK and then a summer holiday in Mèze in the Languedoc (wine country here we come.....) oh and add to that some visitors and the Thyssen Krupp Ideas Park which is coming to Essen this year we should hopefully have it covered.

So, in the interests of space preservation for the bringing back of vast quantities of wine from France, we are contemplating getting rid of the pushchair.  L hasn't really been in it for a couple of months now (- she's almost 2 and a half now) and then only under duress, so the question is do we bin the buggy and risk dragging and carrying about a grumpy 2 year old - and getting rid of all the useful carrying/storage a pushchair provides - are we completely crazy to even contemplate such a move?

Well, in the interests of not completely messing up the main summer holiday, I will be doing a trial run over the next couple of weeks on my annual pilgrimage to Blighty - safe in the knowledge that should it be a complete disaster, I can beg/borrow/buy one cheaply and easily there.

It seems like a big step forward, leaving behind the 'baby years' and moving on to the next stage of parenthood.  Indeed, come the end of the summer L will be starting kindergarten, then I'm sure I'll not really know what's hit me - home alone for the first time in 8 years.  A new start for everyone this Autumn - boldly going into the unknown....

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  1. childless in the daytime = more me time, we'll be in touch with coffee and gym and walking dates!!!