Thursday, 19 July 2012


Bananas....... who'd have thought they be quite so troublesome.  I know I should just avoid them, not pander to whining children in the supermarket and buy them....but I think"Oh good, they're demanding fruit - much better for them than XYZ junk food they usual clamour for".  So I succumbed again and now have four slightly dappled, soft bananas sitting on my worktop begging to be used before the fruit flies take over completely.

So what are my options?

1) Force the children to sit and eat soft, mushy, slightly brown bananas - that'll learn 'em for asking for fruit goddammit.

2) bin the blighters and never buy again - but that goes against my principles of throwing away anything.... well at least on the food front something that can be transformed into something edible!

3) Get me to the kitchen and whip up something marvellous (which no doubt the Kindling wont eat because it tastes of bananas.....)

Well, option 3 it is and we've flipped a coin to decide between banana ice cream and banana cake - and the cake won.  Out come the pinnies, Kenwood, various chairs to raise children to the appropriate worktop height.......

Having (un)thoroughly googled 'banana cake' I came across this which seemed nice and easy and as a bonus I have everything for it in the cupboard (well almost - not quite enough SR flour which you can't get here - so I topped up with plain and added most of a packet of Backin...seemed to work OK).  Now, why I googled I'm not sure as I have a considerable number of cookbooks (am a bit of a closet collector!) and could quite easily have flicked through at my leisure, salivating over the luscious pictures and been completely sidetracked by something else..... but hey, why get up from the sofa to find a book when I can just google....

Well, four ripe bananas - so lets double the recipe and put one loaf in the freezer and take one on holiday with us - something to 'pique-nique' with on the Autoroute.

Now, despite the proliferation of cookbooks in the house, I've never been known to be particularly attentive to following recipes - so here I dispensed with the melt everything step and just bunged (technical term here) it all in the Kenwood and beat it mercilessly.......

It needed cooking for quite a bit longer - and at a higher temperature than stated - I started it off at 150c for the 35mins - then gave it another 15 before whacking it up to 200c for another 15mins before it was suitable browned.

 And you know what - well have a look and see for yourself....

 ...... whether they're eaten or not is another matter!


  1. I loathe bananas personally, but banana cake is quite a different matter. Especially if you put enough spices in that you can't taste the fruit... ;-)

  2. excellent excellent!! My kind of baking. And I love the google thing :-). In my book you can't go wrong with the fruit/baking combination - turns cake into a health food.

  3. Looks so yummy,great helper :) best thing to do with ripe bananas they are so sweet

    1. I think she eats more mix than goes in the tin - but that's half the fun of baking!