Monday, 16 July 2012

Rebellion sunk!

So Saturday saw us hosting A's work colleagues for a barbecue (ever the optimists weather-wise) chez nous.  The English beer had been provided along with copious amounts of Pimms (although The Girls had said in advance that they would be drinking wine....little did they know I was out to scupper that plan!) and as everyone bought a dish or two with them so we had bags of food.

We provided the drink and the barbecue bits and the rest of the spread was efficiently coordinated and organised in a typically German way with a spreadsheet to sign up to so everyone knew who was bringing what and what was still needed and how much to bring etc.  As it was we had lots of bits left over and it has kept us going all weekend and still more left which has been put in the freezer for use later in the week (which is good as we're off to the sun next weekend and so don't want to have too much left in the house! I'm not one to throw anything out if it can be saved and eaten at a later date (my freezer if full of bits and bobs to be made into a new meal when the need arises - that's probably a whole other post in itself...)

So how did our English fare fare?  Well, the Rebellion went down a treat - the 24 Carat I recommended last time was particularly enjoyed by our German and American guests and we've none of that left now - bother!  We only had to open one bottle of wine all day too as the German Girls were more than taken with the Pimms provided - it's the very precise way in which I make it which makes it so moreish.....I have a very unsteady hand when it comes to pouring - and a very large jug in which to mix it..... Now to find a local supplier as more has been requested!

Well, we also managed to grill despite the weather (we're fortunate to have a covered terrace so were kept dry) which tried it's hardest to rain on our parade - we even managed to spot some blue sky amongst the big dark black clouds....our summer here seems to be as wet and miserable as it's been in the UK.  Thankfully, we live on the top of a hill and not down by the river!

So all in all a lovely day was had despite the inclement weather - it was nice to meet A's team and see who he gets to spend the day with..... faces and names matched up and mostly not as I'd imagined them; an opportunity to practise the German again - after 2 weeks back in the UK it was decidely rusty - the Kindling slipped back into German-mode so much easier than I...... oh and plenty of good things to eat and drink - a great way to while away a Saturday afternoon! Danke Freunde.

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  1. Pimms is such a good thing to drink! Glad you had a good time.,