Friday, 25 May 2012

Eurovision - part 1

I have to confess - I love that fantastic musical extravaganza that is Eurovision - I love the trashy-ness, the dubious outfits, the bad singing, the weird lyrics, Terry's commentary (sadly missed) I love the partisan voting and generally the whole over-the-top-ness.  I look forward to it each year and am secretly thrilled that out happy European family is now so big we need semi-finals - a whole week's worth of Eurovision - what fun!!

So as a result of this, and also of finding a couple of other Eurovision fans nearby - I will be holding a Eurovision party on Saturday - you understand with the sole intention of watching the 'Grand Prix' as I understand it's called here - doesn't that elevate it's status so much more!!

At 8pm (the concert starts at 9pm but we need to indukge in the build up too!) on Saturday therefore, 20 or so varied expats will collect chez-moi for what promises to be an evening of great laughs.  It is, in the spirit of Eurovision a slightly themed party - everyone coming needs to pick a participating country, come appropriately dressed (national dress/ iconic figure etc) and provide some food and drink which is traditional to the country - so we will have a bit of a random mix of things and I should imagine it promises to be quite messy.....

Now some of my guests have never experienced Eurovision before - oh the joy of initiating them into this annual fun fest - we've guests from the US and Singapore so understandably they've not heard of it before and I'm not sure have quite understood what it's all about and what it will be like.  In essence, I don't think they really know what they've let themselves in for!!

As for me - fortunately my country made it through the first semi-final.  I shall be channelling the Greek songstress and fervent European Nana Mouskouri - think big glasses, dark hair and beauty spot. Offering up filo parcels, olives, tzatziki and so forth.....oh and I'm sure a bottle of Ouzo will make an appearance at some point.

Just can't wait!

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  1. I will be that iconic figure, her madge QE II, wearing regal purple (toes too) and a crown. Need to remember the Ouzo for Nana!