Monday, 28 May 2012

Eurovision Part Deux

So the big day has come and gone and I have to say (blowing my own trumpet a little here) that it went with a bang!  The Eurovision extravaganza party was great fun and a great success.  We managed to represent the following competitors:

Greece           Spain                     Norway          Great Britain
       Azerbaijan         Russia                                                               Ireland     
France                           Sweden                          Germany

There were varying degrees of costume (mostly eastern European hookers....) and pretty much only the gals - the menfolk tended the barbecue and chatted on the terrace as the ladies got louder and louder.

Now at this point I need to say a big thank you to the Kindling who were most oblivion and despite the shrieking, stomping, cackling, cheering and booing managed to stay asleep for the duration!  Hurrah hurrah - well done you (this made for a very happy mummy and some somewhat astonished guests...) although we could have done without the 6am wake up call Hippo!

A big thank you to for all the fantastic and varied dishes which appeared - we managed a very 'Eurovision' spread - from Baklava and Spanakopita - to Bailey's cheesecake, vodka/chocolate truffle cake via a significant amount of Nordic fishiness in between!

All in all a roaring success - the music was, as Eurovision always is, slightly off the beaten track but the Russian Grannies and Jedward's watersports were pure Eurovision gold.  And of course who could forget the highlight of the evening - The Voting!  We were pretty impressive at guessing who the top points would go to from every country - so despite the re-introduction of Jury voting, the scoring is no less partisan than it has ever been - and despite the usual outcry from the UK for political voting, it's part of what gives Eurovision it's charm - you know where you stand when Malta always give us 12 and so on!

Some of the real surprises of the night included how well Albania did, how well Mr. Spain pulled off his costume (the only man game enough to dress up), how badly Jedward did (pure Eurovision gold in my view...), that the Kindling didn't stir - oh and that Sweden was a runaway winner - I'd never have predicted that - but hey I love Eurovision- what do I know about music?!

Anyway - roll on Eurovision 2013 - Stockholm one presumes - and no doubt some Abba throwbacks - now if only it had been one year further on and it would have been a big anniversary for if I remember correctly, Abba won in 1974 with Waterloo.  So girls (and of course reluctant spouses) a date in the diary for next year???


  1. The Russian Grannies made my Eurovision night. Pure gold!

  2. You can host this every year Emma, unless of course we follow the Eurovision lead and make the person who came as the country that won host...thank you though, it was great fun!